The very first hello

Summer  is the perfect season to turn your long thinking plans into actions. It’s that moment we’ve all been expecting to escape from our comfort zone  and seek adventure, to travel, to meet new people, to love, to learn new things, to simply feel alive ( despite the suffocating heat :P).

first blog post

For me,  it is the moment I planned the launch of supply for dears blog, well actually it was at the beginning of june , but that’s not quite a big problem.  So here I am, writing the first article, saying the very first hello and I must admit it’s a great feeling . Sometimes  I’m asking myself why on earth haven’t I started this a couple of years ago? But I kinda know the answer . There is a long process for an idea to come out and it also needs a strong motivation and not to mention the complete elimination of your menthal block, which in my case was people’s opinion and how they’re gonna react . But that it’s all gone! I mean, how can anyone stand between you and your passions? No way sir, there is no such thing because you are the one living your life, not them! Not your parents  who tell you all the time that you should be a doctor, not your so called friends that rate your coolness by doing or owning things, not the lady who sells you bread each morning –  ok, with this one I think I made myself clear enough-

If you always seek approval  you won’t receive it, but that doesn’t mean you are not valuable. The explanation is simple, some people might relate to you, to what you do or say and some might not.  Having this constantly in mind will keep you down to earth and motivated.

Apart from the long introduction, this post is supposed to present you the topics I’m going to write about. So.. my friends, I give you the Week’s special section: This is such an awesome challenge  because it has to rule the whole damn week, so I’m not telling you what’s gonna be. Pretty excited about this one !

We move on to the next section and that is Styled. This could be one of my favorites so keep an eye on it cause you’ll see some awesome girls with style, and also a couple of creative shootings, with me (that moment when your ideas won’t let you sleep ).

There’s another fun section – Experimental – which is supossed to be fun by trying different things from cooking to handcrafting , so I’m looking forward to it.

I really love finding interesting people with strong passion for pretty much anything so in the Goodies section you will read about them and see the result of their work.

Thoughts on life is a section that you’ll probably won’t find on a different lifestyle blog, but I strongly belive that this could be quite helpful for some of you. One of my main goals is to achieve wisdom yet still enjoying life like a five year old child, so without being too serious about this ( hopefully) I will talk about some conclusions I’ve reached to after reading  books or dealing myself with the everyday life challenges.

So, that’s about all dears. Stay tuned!