Hi!  This is – supply for dears – blog, a new and hopefully growing project. My name is Andra , the owner of this blog and also a graphic designer. I hope you enjoy your journey through what I call a life statement blog. This is the visual and emotional expression of my strong desire to  live transforming experiences, that fulfill your life. This blog is about the things that surround  us , it’s more likely about their meaning than their shape or form, it’s about the effect they have on us. It’s a call to action, to inspire, to develop, to achieve. All comes from passion for design, photography, psychology and many moore. I must admit this is my dearest  experiment ever , an idea that came after a long thought decision. Sometimes you need a strong motivation to go for the stuff you wanted to do so badly but you felt like there is no particular reason why you should do that. Well, I think I found my reason, and that is sharing with you all the great things for a great state of mind.

I really hope stop by whenever you feel it !


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